Thursday, March 5, 2015


within the last week i have finished a lot of beauty products. is it just me or if one product runs out, they all do? anyways, lets get into the nitty gritty….

I have finished two samples of mascara, tarte light camera lashes and too faced better than sex. i have repurchased the tarte mascara probably three times by now, that's how much i love it. it really SEPARATES and defines your lashes while giving great length and some volume. i would say it gives your lashes the fluttery, fluffy look. if you like a more natural look, then this is the mascara for you. on the other hand, better than sex mascara is 100% not a natural looking mascara, because it is fairly clumpy. though it does give incredible length and volume, which sometimes makes me look like i'm wearing falsies. since i don't like the clump look, i'll just go in with a lash comb to SEPARATE them and problem solved!

i have also finished two products from pixi flawless finishing powder (01 fair) and brightening primer. the finishing powder is the best powder i've tried so far. it is ulta fine (so it never get cakey), has light coverage and is a perfect color match for me. nothing bad to say about it what so ever. As for the primer, it's nice but nothing to write home about. it has a pinky PEARL-ESSENCE finish (which makes your skin really glow) and is slightly hydrating. besides those two positives, i do not notice my makeup lasting longer, which i want my primers to manily do. UNFORTUNATELY, they do not sell this product anymore, but I believe the Flawless beauty primer pixi sells is the same, just renamed and repackaged. 

two eye creams that i have used up are the body shop vitamin e eye cream and the clarins super RESTORATIVE total eye concentrate. to be honest, i thought the body shop's eye cream was ok. nothing special. it is very light weight, so it is good to wear under makeup. it is slightly hydrating, but for the winter time, i need more hydration. i think this would've been better in the summertime for me. As for the clarins eye cream, i thought it was amazing. i got a generous sized sample at sephora that lasted me three months. i used it every night and it just felt sooo LUXURIOUS. its fairly thick and i can tell my under eyes have been more hydrated, less puffy and brightened every morning. but since the full size is a whopping $83, i won't be repurchasing this anytime soon (maybe when i'm in my 40s and notice a big difference in my eye aging i'll splurge). 

two brow products i've used up are the diorshow brow styler and the benefit giveme brow. these both are my holy grail eyebrow products and i don't know if i'll ever stray. the dior pencil comes in one universal shade which i find matches me perfectly. it's ulta fine so it allows for you to really draw on the brow hairs, creating the most natural looking brow ever. i also find it lasts fairly long when set with a clear brow gel. as for the benefit brow, i use this when i don't feel like filling in my brows with a pencil. one or two swipes and it completely fills in my brows, while making them look fuller. it's so quick and easy. it's truly a miracle product. when i want a more dramatic brow, i'll pair both the dior pencil and benefit gel together, and volia! thick and full brows.  

lastly, i have two lotion that i have finished up. the first is the body shop body butter in vanilla brulee. this was their limited edition christmas scent, andi did not care for the scent. i personally found it to be a little too sweet and almost NAUSEATING for me. but in general, i love their body butters. they are so INTENSELY rich and hydrating. i have also finished up the origins make a difference hand cream. this was a really disappointing product. when you first put it on you hands it feels super hydrating, but after like 5 minutes my hands felt dry again. In general, i am the biggest fan of origins but i wouldn't recommend this product. 

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  1. The Gimme Brow is one of my staples as well! Now that I have it, I don't think I can live without it!