Monday, March 2, 2015


This month i didn't allow myself to buy any more beauty products, because lets admit it, i have too much. I also have too many products that i haven't even opened. so instead i have been shopping my stash and i have discovered amazing new goodies. 

NEST MIDNIGHT FLUER- this is by far the sexiest perfume i own being that it's very intoxicating and bold. Because of that, It's been my go too perfume for a night out. The main notes in this perfume are exotic woods, black amber, patchouli, jasmine and vanilla. All of those notes Just scream sentuality so no wonder i find it so sexy. Besides the devine smell, it's probably the longest lasting perfume i have. i can still smell it on my eight hours after putting it on… impressive! 

JOSIE MARAN ARGON OIL LIGHT- i had originally been using this oil for my hair and when i ran out of my nighttime face oil, i decided to give this a try. i am so glad that i decided too because i have found that it's the sole reason my face doesn't have anymore dry patches! it claims to quickly asorb into the skin, but i find the complete opposite. Honestly, i do not mind since i use it at night for intense hydration purposes and my philosophy is if it takes longer to asorb it is going to hydrate better. besides hydrating, it has added benefits of anti-aging properties and helping clear up breakouts. Its a Win win in my Books!

FIRST AID BEAUTY Ultra Repair Cream- this face cream is a great option for anyone who has sensitive skin (no FRAGRANCE or dyes) and wants a moisturizer that sinks into the skin quickly but is still richly hydrating. i like to use it in the morning before putting on my makeup, BECAUSE it does not sit on the skin. i feel like my makeup looks smoother and goes on better since using this moisturizer. overall, it's the perfect no-frills moisturizer. 

it cosmetics vitality lip flush in je ne se quoi- this is by far the coolest lip product i have ever used. When you First put it on it looks like a clear lIp balm but over time it adapts to your lips and gradually gives Them the color of a "natural" pink flush. Added Bonus, it even Stains your lips. for this reason, i like to use it on my "no makeup makeup days". Another bOnus, it is feels like your wearing LIP BALM but more nourishing. i Can see myself constantly repurchasing this product for the rest of my life! 

physicians formula shimmer strip all-in-1 custom nude palette for face and eyes in natural nude- besides having a RIDICULOUSLY long name, the product itself is amazing as it is very pigmented and buttery. i equally love using this PALETTE for both eye shadows and highlighting. while the name says shimmer, don't be afraid of using it as a highlighter because it's a very fine shimmer (no glitter chunks!). i find it gives my cheekbones the perfect "natural" glow when i swirl the top two rows together. as for eyeshadow, i love using the lightest shade as an inner corner highlight, because it's actually light enough on my fair skin to show up. all of the colors on the bottom two rows are also very complimentary on my blue eyes. if you love your eye shadows to have a beautiful sheen to them without glitter, this is the perect palette to give a try! 


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