Friday, February 27, 2015


as you all probably know, it cosmetics has a line of brushes available in ulta. i have been throughly impressed by all of their makeup products that i have tried, and as soon as i felt their brushes in ulta i knew that i had to give them a go. to venture into the it cosmetics brush realm, i picked up the your beautiful basics AIRBRUSH 101 set ($58 at ulta only) and (SPOILER alert!) i have been using them every day since. I believe this is the perfect brush set for anyone, from beginners to pros, as it gives you all of the essential brushes that is needed a daily makeup routine. 

Before getting into EACH SPECIFIC BRUSH, I WANT TO GIVE YOU AN OVERVIEW OF THE SET. THE KIT COMES WITH FIVE BRUSHES; THREE FOR THE FACE AND TWO FOR THE EYES. THE BRUSHES ARE AMAZING QUALITY FOR THEIR PRICE. They are made out of synthetic and anti-microbial hairs, which makes them extremely soft and HYGIENIC. As for design, the sleek looking handle is made out of a material that is both lightweight and strudy, which makes it comfortable to hold. The set also comes in a beautiful sleek patent leather- looking case, which is perfect for both storage or traveling. 

Now to get into each each brushes' nitty-gritty details:

1. airbrush powder- a perfectly shaped dome brush. i use this brush for both powder and bronzer. it reminds me a lot of my real techniques blush brush, but slightly smaller and ever so slightly more dense. i find its the pefect size to sheerly powder all over but also under my eyes and around my nose. it is also the perfect size to bronze and warm up the skin (not contour, as it is too big and fluffy). If you like your powder brushes to pack on the powder, this brush is not for you. it applies your powder on the sheer side, which i pefer because my skin leans on the dry side. 

2. airbrush foundation- this is hands down my favorite foundation brush i have ever owned. while it is slightly smaller than all of my other foundation brushes, i find that it blends product so quickly and seamlessly that the size does not bother me. it even quickly blends those foundations that always take that extra work to blend into the skin (like nars sheer glow). it is the perfect amount of denseness and fluffiness, which blurs the foundation into the skin that it's UNDETECTABLE. i have used it with both foundation and bb cream and it applies both equally just as good. 

3. airbrush concealer- the brush is the almost exact same as the foundation brush but smaller. iT BLENDS CONCEALER FLAWLESSLY into the skin and allows the product to have its fullest concealing power (if that makes sense? basically, it doesn't sheer the concealer out). Secondly, it is the prefect size for under the eyes and around the nose. i have also tried it for cream contouring and the the perfect size to CHISEL out those cheek bones. and just like the concealer, it blends the contour seamlessly. 

4. airbrush shadow- this is my least favorite brush out of them all, but it is still decent. after i put on eye primer, i like to take a skin or cream colored eyeshadow and sweep it all the way from the rim of my eye up to the brow bone for a first layer. i do this so my eyeshadows blend better, and that is what i use this brush for because it doesn't DISTRIBUTE too much product. Though i find it a bit too big and fluffy to pack color onto the lid, which i believe that's how this brush is intended for. If you would like, it can be used as a crease brush, but it's DEFINITELY not my favorite for that.   

5. airbrush crease- the crease brush reminds me of a smaller version of the concealer brush, and for that i don't find it works best as a crease brush. it is too dense for me, as it does not blend colors into the crease easily (you really have to work at it to blend seamlessly). but i have found that it is amazing at applying cream shadow onto the eyelid. to use, i just swirl the brush into the cream pot and place directly onto the lid. it distributes the right amount of cream onto the lid and blends it out evenly. 

overall, i think this set is an amazing value for its quality. it HAS ALL OF THE BRUSHES YOU NEED TO ACHIEVE AN EVERYDAY LOOk, and is perfect to travel with since it comes in a nice case. Though, i do find the face brushes to be better than the eye brushes. 

*please excuse that the brushes aren't clean- i've been getting a lot of use out of them and can't really be bothered to wash them (yes- i'm lazy)! 


  1. Beautiful brushes!

    1. Not sure if you can get IT Cosmetics in the Czech Republic, but if you can find a way, I would strongly recommend!