Friday, February 20, 2015


Once a month i am going to be doing a Lust worthy items post. these are items that i am currently obsessing over and can't wait to get my hands on!

1. Daniel wellington classic SHEFFIELD lady watch $199- i have had my eye on this watch for probably over a year now and for some reason i still have not gotten it. it's so sleek, simple and kind of boyish, which is why i love it. all of the watches i own have metal bands and this would be the perfect addition. 

2. Urban Decay Naked Concealer $28- I've seen so many beauty bloggers raving about this new concealer, which of course has made me want it. So the other day when i was in ulta i decided to give it a test, and it felt so lightweight yet still had decent coverage. the best part? it came in a shade light enough for me that it may even work as a highlight! 

3. Rifle paper co clear rosa iphone 6 clear case $36- i feel like whatever essiebutton has i must get. how gorgeous is this case?!? what i love most is that fact that it is clear so you can see the gold backing of my phone behind it. 

4. whistles fleet large tote $300- i've been on the hunt for the perfect leather tote that is super simple and well… this is it! 

5. dune london paddy chelsea boot $60- ever since my asos chelsea boots lost its battle to the streets of london, i have been on the hunt for the perfect, yet simple chelsea boot. when i went back to london a few weeks ago for graduation i stayed with my very good friend who had just bought these boots. i couldn't stop staring at them but didn't want to pay the price of $140. long and behold they are now on sale, so that's a sign that i must get them. right? 

6. topshop jamie moto ripped jeans $80- topshop jeans by far fit me better than any other brand out there and when i began my hunt to find the perfect ripped (but not too ripped) pair of jeans, there was no other place to look. i tried these on when i was in london a few weeks ago but i had bought so much that i decided to not buy them. now i am beating myself up over it, because they would've been about $20 cheaper than buying them in the us. 


  1. I'd actually love to have every single item from this list!
    Especially the Daniel Wellington watch looks totally classy and chic - you should definitely get it! ^.^